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February 10, 2012



Oh he sounds exactly like my 15 year old son. I have written to you before but its been awhile, I hope everything is going well in your life. I truly miss your blog posts & I can never get enough of the photos of your homes, shop & Molly's house. I go back to them time & time again.
My nearly 16 year old is just coming out of the "moody" stage. Your post is nearly exactly the same as one I wrote on my son back in June. Check it out in my archives, its quite bizare how alike they are.
All the best to you & your family.



Oops put my URL in wrong. Love the new post.


Wish I could come by your studio and create. Maybe someday if I'm in the neighborhood.
Happy Birthday to your son! Looks like you've raised a good one - quiet but fun and thoughtful too. Sweet.


Better late than never...you are the best Mom ever!!! I love how open you are with your son and allowing him to be himself and not push him to do more "traditional" art..we all need to take a lesson from you, or I do ;-) My son is going on 13 and is just starting those out of body mood swings...maybe I should look into this form of art for him...he totally fits your sons personality. Thanks for the honest post...you are always inspiring. T


What a nice note!
Thank you so much.
Hardly the best mom ever,
But I truly believe in sharing and being honest
Thanks for reading and good luck to you
As well, these teen age years are a wild
One thats for sure :)

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Brilliant! Maybe you have a Banksy on your hands! You are a wonderful mom with a complete liberal understanding of your child!! Well done!! Standing ovation to you! I am old, and don't understand why they white out all the graffiti at the skate parks in our area! It's a lot less boring than a blank wall!! Plus I think that's the most appropriate place to have it!! Sad really!!

Hugs Giggles

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