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August 12, 2011



Good luck to you and your family Ms. Red Shoes.
I'll take this opportunity to say that I love your blog and if I lived close, I'd visit your shop. Alas I'm on the East coast.
Stay creative and keep smiling!


lots of love to you...

Danee Kaplan

whoa…. though we haven't met (I keep missing you at the store when I am in town) but reading your blog now for a few years I feel like a friend. I am sorry you need to move to an apartment. Your family is changing- of course things are always changing in our lives, kids grow, parents get ill, marriage, lose, kids grow, relationships change. Marriage is tough- very tough today. Today we have to added weight of all of the distraction that keep us too busy to really spend time together and keep us stressed and on edge all day. I certainly hope you find peace in all this change. I know you will make that apartment a true home for yourself and your kids, you just have that knack. I also hope your art helps you heal. I will come and make art with you someday when your soul is ready to share that part of yourself again. Right now you need to creative for yourself as you rebuild your foundation and find a new normal for your beautiful family.

Tami B.

Just wanted you to know that I love your blog and I wish you the very best in your new adventures...both the beautiful book and the opportunities of your own new space.


If anyone could handle a 'different kind' of anything - with style and grace - it would be you. I know you are making the best of everything you can. Take care, and know that we adore you!


Life is just that - LIFE! People change, situations change and life continues. It happened to me a long time ago too - it was a hard decision but the right one. Challenges and changes - they're all part of the package.
Good luck. Have always enjoyed your creativity and reading your blog.

Michelle V

I only know you from this blog which I cherish for your humor and creative spirit. I just gasped when I read that. I wish you and your family gentleness, kindness and hope. I am very much looking forward to your book. hugs from the east....


I'm glad to "see" you are back to writing. So sorry to hear about your move. I myself have been hit with challenges this year. I'm not brave enough to talk about it yet.
Sending love and please oh please post pics when you get your new place all lovely and homey.

angie @ junkgarden

Hey girl! Long time no talk. I wanted to wish you and your family well on your new adventure. I see your adorable kids are just as talented as their mamma and congrats on the book! Looking forward to seeing what great things lie ahead for you.



Quiet hugs to you. Karen


I always look forward to your post...you are the most REAL person on the internet these days with more creativity in your little pinky then most of us have in our entire body. Sad for your news, but love your honesty as always. I can just tell by reading your post you have tons of strength...I wish you and your family the best.

Kathy Welsh

I'm a regular reader, and as I was reading your most recent blog post, it resonated with me deeply. I have been through a similar experience, and while my partner and I are still together, (though living in different cities) it was a huge challenge to work through our "stuff". I know you already know this, but you will survive and thrive no matter what. I wish you and your family all the best. And I look forward to seeing your new nest all feathered and beautiful!

Junker Jane

I wish you and your family strength and love through this hard time <3
You've had a full summer! I love Fiona's art!! I look forward to seeing all that you create in the future. You are so full of color and life always :)


sending you a big hug

PJ Hornberger

big ol' hug.... and blessings.... and good thoughts...and another hug...

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