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November 12, 2010



How utterly refreshing!! Stick to your guns~"to everything there is a season..."


I agree...don't do it! It makes me nervous too and it's just too darn early!!


I was just talking to my kids yesterday about how a beautiful fall and Thanksgiving get totally ripped-off by an early Christmas season. Stay strong on the retail front...your shop looks soooo pretty!


Good for you, I'm with ya, the world's gone mad as far as holidays are concerned. Does anyone actually enjoy one anymore, before they are on to the next?!! STOP, smell the roses, for goodness sakes! I have my fall porch decorations up, removed the jack-o-lanterns but still have pumpkins and gourds, a scarecrow - which will stay until thanksgiving. It's been so nice as we've been blessed with incredible weather in western michigan to sit out there and bask in the sun and ENJOY FALL. Yet across the street are windowboxes filled with christmas greens and gigantic red ornamaents, a huge twinkling xmas tree already in the window. It's just toooo fast. We need to do a bit more living in the moment.


I love fall too! I am so glad that you are holding onto it just a bit longer....Love your pics! Where can I get
those little Orange pumpkin-like berries??? I just love them! What song is on, while I am making my comment today? Very nice!

Thanks again for your post!


I do agree!!! but I do love Christmas too and I always feel that season is just way too short!!


Thanks for backing me up on this one!
don't get me wrong.....I love Christmas too, but in it's due time :)
as far as the berries go, I got them years ago...so I can't remember now...as for the music, you can see the list on the sidebar, and it should name who's playing at the time.
it starts out with Feist if that helps! :)
thanks for all the nice comments!


Thank you for a having more sense than most of the rest of the retailers! It makes me crazy to go into a store where the Halloween display is competing with the Christmas display and it's all on sale at 50% off and it's August. It's like we're speeding up time and rushing through our lives to get to the next holiday or event with out pausing to enjoy where we are in the present. Sorry, had to vent and I knew I would be in good company here! By the way, LOVE those blankets!

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