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May 05, 2010



that's it. i'm moving to ann arbor.

Lizzie Swinney

I enjoy your blog daily and think your new items are wonderful. I noticed on the wall on the left side of the new table is a house shaped piece of art. I am really drawn to house shaped art. Is it for sale and if so could you share the price. Thanks Lizzie


Hi Catherine! Sounds like a fun trip. I love the things you bought. They look great in the shop. I just love looking at your displays. Oh and yes, that red truck is the coolest.

laurie magpie ethel

Awesome sounding trip and great finds. Loving Duro Dan - that guy is one cute decal. Always loving your shop and all you do with it...just so dang happy and colorful!

Yes, that license plate floor is the coolest!


Love that table! I also love your greenery. That moss in the toy truck has inspired me to raid the sandbox. What greenhouse do you go to?
I make my hubby take me to buy plants on mothers day.


Thats in my town...love Kane County. Hope you ate some veggies from the street vendor there...so yummy!! Great finds! Your displays are always amazing!!


Good times! Looks like you scored lots of cool goodies - Working hard and keepin' it fresh ;) Your shop never gets stale.

Pssst . . . Are my eyes deceiving me or is that a little doggy peeing on the tire of the orange and black SS?


Love this post - love your shop - are you selling the zinc top table or is it "home"?

jennifer dedonato

Wow so many cool things in each picture...I would have been going crazy over some of the items. And that red truck I want it.

janae cairns

I have one of those tin ceiling tiles and LOVE it! And Matilda Jane, so CA-UTE!!


i was at kane county the same day you were! :)
i didn't see you but i saw those same booths.
i wanted one of those signs but just like you....to expensive.
they were awesome though.
your blog is such a happy place!

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