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May 25, 2010


suzanne b.

I always love springtime on your blog! :D Yay!

Becky D

Lovely, as usual. Wish I had your green thumb!


Your pictures did speak for themselves....Priceless. Now I need more flowers. :D


Look at you go!! It's the best time of year and your gardens look fabulous!! It has been the coldest spring ever here, seriously. It SNOWED yesterday, and I'm afraid to plant anything yet. I keep telling my zinnias (sitting in the garage) to just hang in there:) Gardening is good for the soul!


Beautiful garden and I love the painted yellow cabinet.


I know what you mean - the flowers are intoxicating this time of year. I can't get enough! That corner cabinet is crazy cute!

Lizzie Swinney

lovely images! lovely yard.


I think you are spot on when it comes to the best addiction to have!

I ADORE flowers.

I find such inspiration in placing nature's palette together for one big happy show.

My latest obession: the peony!

If I could do-over my wedding bouquet...yep, that's what it would be!

Bought 5 bushes this spring and are searching for just the right spot in my yard.

I have a gardenia too. Yummy odors reak from my back deck as I shuffle out there for coffee.

Plus, they are evergreens, so they provide great color all year long.

Haopy planting!

.mac :)

PJ Hornberger

Thank you... just got my flower fix :)

Leticia Kazemi

I've been pouring through your posts for the last couple of days and I have to say that your blog is now one of my faves. Love all the inspiration! Cheers.


OH my....all of your photos are just so gorgeous!!
I really love your blue adirondack chairs!! I dream of having some:)


scrolling down on your photos is so soothing. beautiful colors, all of it. lovely garden, your secret garden.

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