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April 16, 2010



Oh I just love it all!!! She sure knows how to decorate:)



noodle and lou

thanks for makin' me look so good! man! you are the best ever. ever. ever:) love you to bits my sweet buddy!!!!!!!!!! and thank you for those very well placed hearts:):):) xoxoxoxox


so cute isn't it! :)

and Jenn, you're so welcome.... no matter how cute, skinny and svelte a person is, NO one likes to have their picture taken from 'behind' ;)
So I take that into consideration
hee hee


Loved all the pictures you shared of Noodle and Lou's home. How much fun just to look around and see all the talent that the two of you share. Thank You for the eye full of fun.

carissa... brown eyed fox

ummm... ummmm...
i think i might be speechless too.

at every turn... there is another
dreamy surprise!

talk about warm.

i will have to come back again to look again.
take it all in again.

in just awe... but yet... not surprised their home is SO great!

thanks for taking all the pics & sharing with us!
what a fun trip! for sure!

Johanna Parker

So very whimsically FUN!.... I thoroughly enjoyed the tour :)

~ Johanna Parker

laurie magpie ehtel

Such a happy house! Love all the cabinets packed with all the eye candy goodies. Thanks for the tour!

Janet Caldwell

What a happy place! And she's got an awesome collection of cabinets! Thanks for the tour :)


This post reminds me of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion, I just loved it!!!


Another great post!
Whenever you post pics of your house or a buddies' I just get all smiley because they are always filled with color and art! I love how your buddy displayed all her little bits in a shadow box!! This inspires me to gather all my random stuff and "make it look good" hahaha :D


Thank you for this great tour! It's so inspiring to see how an artist lives and works and I só like her art! It's what you said: keeping the childlike qualities in your life is great! I see that in her art: it's playful and colorful, but definitely art.

Nice to see you had such a nice time together. And those men with the lightbulb LOL

groetjes Evelien

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