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November 02, 2009



you just kill me. you live life at warp speed and drive like a grandma.

love you so much lady!!


I love reading your blog - you have so much great energy! I hear ya on the kids and cell phones, etc. thing. Our two oldest have cells, but no texting or internet access - they don't have e-mail accounts or facebook or my space and they seem to manage just fine with lots of friends and activities. I hear such horror stories of things that can happen when teens and kids text and stuff and we just don't need to go there!!

Enjoy your new little car!!


Enjoyed reading your commentary, really :-) Lots to think about, that's for sure. Enjoy your new ride!


thanks Jen!

there is always something to think about right?!


anyways, Hope you hvae a wonderful Holiday season!

its just the beginning! weeeee!


Catherine Thursby

ReD ShOes

332 South Ashley

Ann Arbor, Mi 48104







i can't wait to try the recipe...maybe even tomorrow.
but......garlic pepper? i have never heard of that spice and wanted to make sure you did not mean garlic salt

suzanne b.

What a fun post. I have so many female friends with boys hitting that age, dealing with those same issues . . . hang in there, Catherine, and GOOD FOR YOU for being involved and loving him enough to pay attention and make the tough decisions.

Your car is adorable! I can just imagine your little dogs smiling out of the window. :D


I love your posts!! :D

They always make me laugh, but you are so right....we all need to SLOW DOWN.


Okay- Once again you are SOOO COOL. I'm drooling over your cute new ride. So adorable!!! You are going to be so styling!! Life is good! I love how you love and embrace every nano second of life and this crazy world we embody!


I have a middle schooler too and you are so right. Stay involved that is the right thing to do and meet and know his friends. Such a impressionable age. Then I have two girls right behind him....ugh!!! Have a great day, and love your car grandma ;) Jackie


I feel the same way when it comes to our high our speed lives. On one hand I love the instant gratification of uploading photos and artwork to my blog and FB, but the flip side is that I am ALWAYS connected. Sometimes a girl just needs to turn it all off, light a candle, put on a nice moisturizing mask, pour a lovely glass of wine and read a book instead of a text.

P.S. Love your new wheels!


I am guessing that, given what you said about your son's middle school experience and the decision to remove some electronics from his life, you might be interested in this really wonderful article about the changing nature of childhood and what's at stake:



I hear ya. It's all too much, too fast. And I am sick to death of E.D. commercials on TV. It feels like the media is shaping my kids instead of us these days... It's a fine line to balance. It's hard.

Anyways, the recipe looks delicious. I am a huge crock pot girl. Here's a great link for crock pot lovers-- crockpot365.blogspot.com. I just made the crock pot pumpkin latte (seriously!) and it was yummy!

Have fun with the mini cooper, you'll look stylin in it for sure:)

PJ Hornberger

Good for you! All that stuff is thrown at kids, like they're suppose to know how to handle it. That's when being a parent comes in...
Gotta get my crock pot out now. Where is that thing?
You're gonna love that mini. I had one. Got stopped a lot, but I can do the blonde dumb thing, even with red hair. :) Never got a ticket, but you'll be tempted. So practice in the mirror. It's a kick to drive. So much fun. Then a Wal-Mart truck ran over us... nobody hurt. The DPS said they are one of the safest small cars on the road. Have fun!


just found you from Kim's and will be back again. Love your little Cooper....someday...
And I AM a grandma, so I understand your driving..
Now I'll go make the meatball soup!


Love your blog! This is my first visit but I shall return. :-) I totally agree re: kids and the super fast way people live now, the cell phones/text msgs, internet, etc. Of course, it was like the dark ages when my kids were growing up ~ they still tease me 'cause they always said "they were the only kids in high school that were not allowed to watch Sat Night Live". That was about the most raunchy thing on TV at the time. ;-) TV time was limited and we sat down as a family for dinner each evening with no TV or music...just being together and conversation. 'k I'll stop now.

Daisy Cottage

I left a comment here yesterday but I don't see it...

Anywho - I shared your recipe link on my blog Catherine - I made it and it IS so good! Thank you for sharing it with us... and as always, thank you for ALL of the inspiring things that you generously share.




thanks sweet Kim,

so nice to hear from you!

i agree that was a wonderful recipe, and super easy, which of course i love! ;) ha ha!


hope you are well, and thanks so much for the visit!



Catherine Thursby

ReD ShOes

332 South Ashley

Ann Arbor, Mi 48104






Mary Lou

Hi! I just hopped over here via Daisy Cottage. I gotta tell you - I've been driving stick for almost 30 years, and you CAN do coffee & stick, but cell phones don't work for me. My brain just isn't that coordinated! Hope you really enjoy the new car.


Hello! It is my first visit to your blog. I want to try your recipe soon! And, we just bought a red Mini Clubman in August! (Our other car was a 'cash for clunkers') I LOVE IT! I can still put my goodies from antiquing in the back, too! It's so fun to drive. (I can't do manual transmission though.) Enjoy!

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