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September 08, 2009


Cathy G

Wow! I am so relaxed now after looking at all the wonderful photos! What a great vacation spot you have! Thanks for sharing! Cathy G


love love love love these pictures and i want to squeeze you and the kids so badly. come back to raleigh soon or else i'll wither and die. you don't want that on your shoulders forever do you? no, no you don't.

no pressure.

i'm waiting.

carissa... brown eyed fox

you cougar you! that is SO funny... love it!
THAT sign would have had me flipping my lid! it would!

adore all your pics!

sorry about Jackson... that stinks! darn life lessons!

your trip truly looks like perfection! friends... sun... cards... booze... lots of laughs!

now... to all the laundry... right!

suzanne b.

I loved these pictures! The one of you is the best. :) You just look so relaxed. What a great way to wrap up the summer!


Love the pictures!!! What a wonderful vacation:) We used to have a boat like yours. My dad redid the whole boat and then he got sick and sold it. Thanks for sharing. Welcome back:)




Looks absolutely wonderful!! Perhaps you should get a side gig with the Michigan tourism bureau...
And I totally broke out into a big grin when I saw the picture of you :-)


You and yours definitely have proven to savor those last few seconds of summer. Amazing pictures of you and your crew, especially love that Tank could come and participate. Fabulous memories that will never fade. = ) Pure happiness, pure Michigan! Love it all!



Linda Crispell

I have such fond memories of summers spent at little cabins my Dad rented in the U.P. of Michigan. We spent a few in Copper Harbor, our entertainment was watching bears eat garbage at the dump.
I would love to have an adorable little cottage on the lake, lucky you!!!

noodle and lou

hey hair twin!! i missed you. looooove the pics. what a perfect spot to make all sorts of fun summer memories!! your kids are the CUTEST and oooh that Tank! i just wanna squeeze him and love him forever:):) hope the back to school week is going well. i'm still in denial and we've been back for a few weeks. yuck. talk to you soon!! big xoxoxo to you!!


for the record...
ANYONE can rent our little cabin up north! it doesn't belong to us, it belongs to my friends Mom who owns the resort....www.wandawoodresort.com
so YOU can enjoy our vacation spot too! ;)

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