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August 17, 2009



Love your art room! Visiting from Lynette Kraft's blog :)

Meagan S.

Things are looking mighty cool at your new Studio/Workshop! And that suitcase is ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing.

noodle and lou studio

oooh nothing better than vintage yumminess:):):) xoxoxox

Amy Wingate

This is such an awesome idea! I am so bummed that I don't live near anymore! I would have loved to come and visit your new studio ALOT! Hopefully I will find some time this fall to stop by and check it out. Miss you! Amy.

Art Cant Hurt

so exciting to watch this transformation! good for you! dying to know where you found your paint caddy on the table.....if you could just give a girl a hint - I need THAT EXACT THING! thanks!!!
have a sweet day! take care!

Kathy Kupferschmid

the workshop room looks awesome!! of course it does...because whatever you do turns to gold!!
hope it is very successful for you!!



Hey - How about an online garage sale.... It would save me on the air fare of coming to you! :) Sounds like you have lots of goodies! :0) - K

Lisa C.

Wow -- your studio is perfect! One like I've always dreamed of. I sure wish I lived near. Maybe one day I'll come visit. I love the frames with the buttons, and your studio partner is precious!!


Oh, I love the idea of the studio in the shop. I also am a big fan of the "where women create" mags. I am so inspired-also makes me feel better when I get frustrated at how messy my small craft area is, the women in the mag have such huge spaces to work out of. I can't wait to visit your shop again and see all the changes and makes me miss Ann Arbor all the more.


Your studio is looking amazing!


the new studio is amazing! I love all the color and all those supplis, heavenly!! You go Catherine!! The dog bed is even adorable! :) xo

PJ Hornberger

It's coming together, lookin' gooood! I be lovin' that dawg! Love those ears! Ms. Fiona is smart, she knows good stuff when she sees it. xo PJ


It's looking great-- how fun for you! Summer is the best, love all the summer pics, don't you wish it would last a few more months?
Take care, Catherine!

Debra Johnson

I am sooo excited to see what you do with your studio space!! Love your color combonations and the way you put it all together...I'm on the edge of my seat!!


OOOOOOOOOOOOOO there is nothing like art supplies and fabric and sewing supplies. I can't wiat to see it when you are finished!


wow - your studio space is really shaping up - can hardly wait to see it in person!


I am so relieved to know I have a name for the symdrome I too have!! I sometimes wish I could turn off the ideas... just cause it gets so frustrating not getting to them.
love how the new area is coming along! LOVE IT,


Adorable craft room! Makes mine seem so bland in comparison. And a garage sale!! Nirvana! Almost enough to make me want to move away from California...;)

Amy O'Kane

all the natural light is just lovely. happy for you to be nesting in such a lovely space!

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