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March 14, 2009



What a lovely Post, I could just smell that coffee with you! The Kids sure look adorable in that book.
Hugs, Diane


LOVE the pics of the cafe and the book. Now - ssh - don't tell hubby, but...


They are the BEST way of keeping chickens in towns. I have four hens. They are amazing pets. They feel so soft - nicer even that furry animals; they chatter happily to each other and can't help but raise a smile with their chattering and pecking round and about. Chickens are ADORABLE, the eggs taste so much better than battery, kids love them, and they're cheap to keep. Start a little chicken fund in the shop and he needn't even know!

Anna x (England)


Wow, Catherine -- such beautiful words and pictures! Even though I've been to Selma several times, your grand and lyrical tour made me appreciate details I had missed (and that I might not have noticed otherwise).

And I'm sooo glad you love the book. It gave me a lot of pleasure to make it for you.


noodle and lou studio

how WONDERFUL! I'm envious of that hometown connection you have!! It is a special treat to know your town like that:):) And what fabulous friends! Not only is Myra adorable...her photography is STUNNING! The book is gorgeous. thanks for sharing your fun morning!!

p.s. can't you just have a COUPLE chickens? Please Ian?


You live in such a beautiful town that has the COOLEST shops! your breakfast experience looked amazing and I was blown away by the lovely book from your friend! how special!!!! it made me tear up!!

lisa gottlieb

Thank you Catherine, for the lovely words and photos about our Selma Cafe. It was a pleasure to have you! It is especially fun to see the progression of photos, both outlining the logistics of Selma Cafe, and capturing the fun and spirit of the event. We also really love the pretty little polka-dot mugs you gifted us! I love your shop and will come in again soon. I look forward to you visiting Selma Cafe again, whenever you can make it.
Hugs, Lisa Gottlieb

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Great post!
I enjoyed my cup a joe

PJ Hornberger

what a great post, love the book, love the kids, and the chickens, and I want that breakfast.... hugs....

Linda Crispell

Only in Ann Arbor, the coolest place around!!!!
Beautiful pics of the kids.
Your Pal,

Jeff McCabe


I am so glad you enjoyed yourself at Selma Cafe. It was so nice to welcome you and your friends and to realize the connections (Myra, Roos). I have heard about your shop for ages but have yet to visit. That will not continue. Thank you so much for the gift of the cups. They are beautiful.

I love your post. You took some great pictures and I love how you weave it together. This has been an unexpected pleasure for Lisa and I: to read the blogs, see the pictures and feel like we live in a glossy magazine. We look forward to your return visit and continued friendship.
Up next: Scott McInness returns with guest chef Vanessa Sly to prepare eggs beni w/ house-cured ham, michigan mushrooms, hoop-house greens, etc. Thank you again for the attention, the creativity and the beauty of your blog post.


Thanks Cathrine! This took some effort no doubt! Really enjoyed this and your previous post. As for chickens. I've tried it and I'm glad that I can say I did, but I won't do it again! Glad you took the much deserved artist's rest. Gotta do it sometimes!
Love to you and family.


I think I hate you. First of all you live in my favorite town and former residence. Second you are so talented it is sickening. Your living room looks so quirky, fun, relaxing, unique... I love it. JEALOUS. You can paint-I can't and feel very cheated by that fact. You seem to have an incredible eye for color and putting colors together that just work... and those numbers of yours. UGH I want them sooooo bad. I don't know what it is about your numbers but I am so drawn to them. Third, you manage to get so much done in a day I am in awe. In my defense I have a 3 year old who likes me to give him all my attention and health problems that leave me fatigued. But beside that I waste the day watching stupid TV and playing on the computer and don't get down to business. I am not sure if it is because I am scared to get really creating- worried that I can't or what stops me. I spend EACH and EVERY day planning projects, thinking about creating, perusing blogs and magazines that show the kind of crafts I love- your blog, everything Stampington, Tim Holtz, Michelle Ward, Sally Jean, etc. I just don't stop to pick up the paper/paint/scissors. Sadly I do buy the supplies but they are taking over the house.

Keep inspiring me. P.S. your kids are adorable.


It's refreshing to hear someone saying something GOOD about Michigan for once. Yes, Ann Arbor is a great city in Michigan and you sound like you are embracing all its goodness. We are in the heart of the automotive industry debacle and trying to remain optimistic. If you look hard enough, you can find that "hometown charm" somewhere. Thanks for the great perspective.

Theresa Cox

I love everything about this post! I just spent the weekend in a small town where my in-laws moved to called Milton in Delaware. Made me think I could live in a place like this. Your kids remind me of my son and daughter. Very precious kids you have, what a treasure to have that amazing book made by your friend too. I always enjoy stopping by your blog for a visit.
Warmly, T


Oh my gosh! What a wonderful post. This cafe is practcally in my backyard, yet I had no idea. Time to step away from the computer.
Must. Investigate.

Jim @ CoolStuffForDads.com

Very cool! I wish it was breakfast time, right now!!

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