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November 28, 2007



those are the BEST pics of your kids - how great! Our open house is this Sunday so I am knee deep in projects! See you on the other side!


Love those snowmen!!! CUTE. and your kids- WOW....those pictures are fabulous!


Gee, I wonder why she chose to use your kids!? Cuz they look like little models!!! So adorable. How fun. Hope all is well, and have a great holiday. xo


We sure missed you for the last couple of weeks. You would not believe but even my seven year old Clara was wondering about you...We are happy you are just busy. see you soon.


Welcome back! Beautiful pics of the chitlens!!! I think my fave is the b/w of the two together on the chair!
Take care!

amy j.

Just wanted to thank you Catherine for sending out my mushrooms! And such a lovely package they came in. It smelled lovely as well...your shop must smell heavenly.

The mushrooms look great on my daughters' tree. I'll post a pic of it on my blog soon and send you a link. So wish I lived close to your shop. I'd be a weekly patron!! Have a great holiday season.


Welcome back, glad you are okay! What fantastic pictures of your kids, I love the one of your son from the back on the skateboard. Have a great day.


gah! those photos are #W$%#@$^ amazing! you poor thing b/c you have to pick from 98! i'd want them all...at least keep the proofs. =)

glad you're back my dear!


Glad to see you back... you HAVE been missed...however, I know you have been busy...what else could it be this time of year!

As for the pictures of the kids...I say.."they are all so great!"....geez how does a mom pick??? I'm a total stranger to your kids...and I would want them all...love, love, love the ones of your daughter walking in front of brother in her ever so vintage looking coat, she's sumpin else....she's a doll...on top of the fact she looks like she could conquer the world...and I love your son with his arms crossed in that gorgeous blue plaid shirt...and that FACE...OMG!! Of course the one of sister kissing brother...how could you not get that one...the expressions are priceless...yeppers...you're going to have to take on a part-time job just to pay for ALL of those pictures...too awesome...those two!



I wouldn't be able to pick either - they are adorable! Love the projects too. I did a little bit of painting and thought of you and your humongous projects; I can't imagine. I would never finish and, by the way, polka dots are HARD to paint - like most things, you make it look easy. Hope all is well.


She really did fabulous work with your kids (although it would be hard not to since they're adorable!) But I loved her settings and they just seem very at ease. The door open is so welcoming. So glad the Open House was a success! Oh - and I remember Midnight Madness from my retail days. :) Happiest of holidays my friend.

kari & kijsa

Yea!! A great open house...ooh what we would have given to be a fly in the wall. A fly- what were we thinking- no we needed to be there in full-fledged person, bearing all sortsof fabulous goodies in our arms!

kari & kijsa

noodle and lou studio

Hi Catherine! We missed you:) But...SO thrilled that your open house was a smashing success (of course!) and that all is well! The photos are gorrrrgeous! I have NEVER had a "professional" photo snapped of my boys either...but I would so love someone to capture them like these treasures! How will you decide!? Can't wait to see your ornaments! Love the dresser! Keep up the great work...xoxoxo

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I just popped in to wish you a Merry Christmas.
The pictures are wonderful. Believe me those munchkins grow all to fast.


The photo's of your kids turned out great! Very creative, love the one against the wall. Your blog is very inspiring. Thanks a bunch!


that dresser is so lovely!

Prairie Home-Sherry

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!How great it is to capture those sweet faces!!!
I know Mama's proud!


MAN, you have some beautiful children. And this woman's work is wonderful.



Hi, it's a long time since you've published this post, but I just happened to see your snowmen in lille-ursus's blog and had to stop by and say hello! I love snowmen, and I sure love yours!

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