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November 05, 2007



Now I know what happened to Wonder Woman..
she is alive and well and is called Catherine and runs a fabulous shop called Red Shoes and is mother and wife to a beautiful family and is an inspiring artist..
Don't give up... you are doing a grand job!!

P.s Sorry to hear about your poorly tummy.. you have my sympathies.. I suffer from endometriosis!


Well, I thought it was time for me to actually comment cuz all I ever do here is lurk and drool. You add so much sweetness with your shop goodies and the flare you so obviously exude. I would imagine that even your domesticity is done with flare. Enjoy the start to your week.

noodle and lou studio

the little bird clocks are fabulously adorable!! Will there be houses too?? hint hint:)

Hooray for you for living your dream and making the world a more beautiful place!! It's extra hard work for us Moms...balancing career and family... and I think you are doing a SUPER job:)



Love the birdies! Too cute!
I work full time too and have a home office- so I never really leave it behind until I go to bed- The computer is always calling my name- however, I often take blog reading breaks!!!
Can't wait to see more goodies!

Michael Heath-Caldwell

You go girl! And good on you for using colour. I throw wobblies over here in Oz when we get projects with 15 shades of grey. And I'm not joking - grey, grey, grey - It's so 1998. Get over it. Good to see you using colour well.


Yay, you're able to post again! After the week you had last week, nothing else could surely go wrong for a while, right? Glad to hear your little one is on the mend.

I know I'm one that always glamorizes owning a little shop. I've always thought that would be something I'd love to do, but I can just imagine the hard work and sacrifices involved. I work at home editing transcripts, so I know what you mean about working even in your sleep. People that are self-employed are never off work!

Can't wait to see what you've got for us as the week progresses. Have a great day!

Bristol @ Cottage by the River

I work full time as a General Manager of a large store. I dream often about opening my own shop. It seems like such a leap!!
My washer and dryer are working on their 11th year. the day is coming I know. Have a good one!


Glad your kid's feeling better. Your honesty about your craft business is refreshing. That doggy looks far too adorable to more for something as silly as laundry :)


i am soooo jealous of the washer and dryer!! is that telling too much to reveal that such items make me that giddy? lol

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