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January 14, 2009


Frivolous Amber

Those pillows are SO adorable! Just looking at them is so cheering. :D Your blog gives me the dose of fun color I need to get through this drab snow!!

PJ Hornberger

OK, you are the pillow queen. Just kills me. But you do the best pillows, the designs, colors, texture are fabulous. They make me happy. I was never a big fan of 'em, until I saw yours. Now I'm addicted. Stinker!
If those kids get any cuter... they're gonna need to wear a disguise...

suzanne b.

Catherine, those are the cutest pillows I have EVER seen! :) Just adorable. I love your brain!

Fiona is six! Look how cute she is. Claire turns six in February . . . where did our baby girls go?!?!?

I definitely have problems meal planning. I dislike shopping and making shopping lists, too. Blech.


Your pillows are wonderful! Did you also make the quilt shown in the pillow shots? It's cute too! Sorry about the dreariness; I would run for lights and the frig too! I am enjoying 70F in CA, but as soon as the rain comes I'll be heading for the bright lights!

Account Deleted

Well is certainly looks cold there we are sweltering in 40oC heat wave... you know may be after Christmas each year we should house swap i will go and run your shop for the winter and you can come downunder and run mine for our summer..osh last year has just flown and already we are 1/2 way through January.. I know you said my blog doesn't link so here is a link i took some gorgeous photos of my two 6 year olds last week Emily and Olivia..

Kathy Kupferschmid

I love, love, love the pillows...I live in central Illinois so I know how you feel!!! Let me just say...I love your blog. It just makes me happy to read your posts. I wish I had just an ounce of you talent and creativity!! Thanks for always sharing with us!!!

Meg Duerksen

oh i love those pillows! they are so bright and cheery.
i copied some of your house pillows for gifts for christmas...my own version. love your creativity catherine.
and i also want to sit by the fridge all january too. or sleep. winter stinks!


Love the pillows Catherine:) Is your pillow in the new romantic homes mag for feb??? I am sooo ready for spring, way to cold. Have a great week.


those pillows are just wonderful, LOVE them!!! thanks for sharing them


Oh! MY GOODNESS! You are such a talent!! I'm loving those pillows and the fact that you used recycled materials to boot...just warms my heart! That is just the punch of color we all need this time of year...I think I would sit by those all day long...just to be warmed by their colors!

That little Fiona is one stinking cute kid! Love how her personality just "reaches" out in each picture...I can tell...she's a hoot...and a LOT of fun! I still remember the story about the "bad" word her brain kept telling her to say (or something like that)...even when she knew she shouldn't...you gotta love a girl who is so blooming cute and honest!

Wow...hubbin did good on that cake...I loved the candles, too! I'm with you on the whole meal thing...I mean I guess cooking is alright...but when you do cook, it means you then have to plan that meal, shop for that meal, unload the groceries for that meal...and then clean up the mess....nah...on second thought I'm not so into cooking...but on a cold winters night...nothing beats a bowl of homemade soup or stew! Plus, soups, stews and crock pot goodies are easy peasy...that's my kind of cooking...hard to believe my son is a chef...yes, he will spend hours making homemade chicken, beef, veal or veggie stock, breads, gourmet meals...chopping everything by hand...standing on his feet...working his fingers to the bone...and loving every minute of it...I just really don't get it...or where he found that passion...but I'm thrilled he did!

Tell your son...to keep at the swimming thing...and the viola...girls love an atheletic musician...lol! BTW...where are the pics of the college boys in the speedos??...your not playing fair by not sharing those...ya know! Does that make me sound...physco?? After I re-read it...I thought yowzers...but hey, it didn't bother me enough to delete it!

Blessings and stay warm!!


Love the pillows. so fresh! And don't take this the wrong way and hate me, but it is 80 degrees here in California, so when I see the snow piled up on your deck I get a little jealous..imagine that! Love your deck by the way! And I too have never been good about dinners, when I think of going home from a 9 hour day at the office, walking the dog and taking care of the baby, dinner sounds awful....unless of course someone else made it! :)


Lucy @ Attic24

OH!!!!!!!! I adore those cushions, they are stunning..I especially like the little colourful bits of felty edging sticking out, that just makes me want to laugh out loud!


Okay, how in the heck did you find the time to make those beautiful pillows with all the other things you've got going on??? Love all the pics.

Jen B.

Wonderful pillows! Love all your little details!


Looking at your blog just makes me happy... i so love everything you make and sell... gosh those pillows have my name all over them... are planning on putting any for sale on line? I'm drooling over a couple things already!! hee hee
Meal planning ugh..

Linda Crispell

Your beautiful surroundings certainly make up for this heinous winter!!!
Why do we live so far north?
Your Pal,

kristin at prairie daze

just wandered here....amazing views!

love those pillows.


noodle and lou studio

way cute pillows catherine! love the bright cheery colors and cute stitching:) Happy Birthday Fiona!! xox..jenn
p.s. meal planning? that's when I run into Trader Joes and pick something out of the frozen section, right?

Danee Kaplan

OMG those pillows are soooooo darling. I love wool felt and the colors are beyond yummy. I wish I was you, I love to craft as much as you and I find myself never wanting to make the same thing twice (I suspect you feel that way too). I live in Portag and used to get my hair cut in A2 so I was there every 7 weeks or so and I would stop in your store but I have't been back to A2 since I took a class at FOUND with Sally Jean Alexander. I miss your cute little store.

And don't feel too bad, we have at least twice that much snow. In fact my mailbox/newspaper box was somehow buried in a snow pile that could only be identified as an igloo. I am not kidding, the pile not only covered the top of the boxes but also came out a foot or so with only a little window to the box openings. I about killed myself shoveling it out. I am blaming the snow plows.

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