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February 22, 2008



Red Shoes stocker No. 1. Pick me, pick me :)

Have a nice weekend!

Chrissy Taylor

I love, love your blog and your honesty about day to day life! I too love Cheetos-shamlessly so and have left remnants of such Cheetos on my shirt and walked out the door-Ugh! Please count me in cuz I would so love a chance to be chosen for a random give away. I never win so don't crush my heart! Lol! Thanks for the chance.


silly chic, your among friends, and this ones eatin cheetos RIGHT NOWWW!!
Love your stuff
coastal nest


Ihope its cheetos! pick your ol friend Lisa

Beth B.

Ooops sorry for your Cheeto accident; but you know, some days are just cheeto days - you can't deny it. :-) thanks for the opportunity to get some Red Shoes goodness. have a SUPER orangy day!

Beth (tired mommy to an early-risin' 4.5 yr old)

Daisy Niemeyer

my obsession is not the cheesy cheetos, but the Flaming Hot Cheetos....and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to douse them in hot sauce and squeeze a lime on them! - BUT- I cheat so no one knows I eat them. I use a spork! LOL


I love cheetos soooo much that although I'm allergic to some of the preservatives in it, I eat them until my tongue and my lips are itchy and starting to swell. Isn't that true passion for cheetos???
About the give away...I'll be more than happy to be the lucky recipient.


I'm sure even a Cheeto smudged number pillow would look great, as long as you made it. Your blog makes me smile every day!


Oh, I love cheetos too! and I obsess about the titles of my posts too (though you wouldn't know it to look at them...). Count me in the drawing, please!!


Have you had the Baked Cheetoes? Soooo good! Mmmmm. My favorite guilty pleasure (that I'm also ashamed to admit) is the Filet O' Fish sandwich.....mmmmmm x 2!

I would also love to be the recipient of your giveaway. Who wouldn't!? xo

P.S. How I love visiting your blog and hearing my favorite Jeff Buckley a-playin. AAAAHHHHHH.


I just found your site and promptly looked through everything. Super cute.


Hey Cheeto-Bella :)

I gave up on coming up with post titles long ago, but I know what you mean about thinking throughout the day about what to share with my online friends.

My hubby has even gotten used to me taking photos of everything, including what we order at a restaurant.

The way I look at it, the blogging world is this huge place that allows us to find people that we have stuff in common with. I don't know about you, but I don't have any crafty friends in town, and yet creativity is so important to me. Our bloggy world allows us to choose our friends and to connect with them on our own schedule. How wonderful is that! No wonder we're always thinking of what can share!


Sign me up please! It sounds great!


Cheetos and a diet coke -- yum, yum! Choose me -- I love the photos of your shop!


well, i'm dropping my note to ya. i want in!!! and thought you may want to check out this link (http://crazymomquilts.blogspot.com/2008/02/crisis-averted.html) for your little cheeto dilemma. figured if it works on an icky grease mark, it'll work on your orange yummy leftovers, too.


The only thing better than Cheetos-Doritos! Not only with they produce the infamous orange smudge, but also that lovely breath that only Doritios could produce! Two for one and who doesn't love a bargain? I do hope you will enter me in your give-away for I love your style and products!


Love your creativity and use of color...so in love with the little chest of drawers in your blog photo...and the music is soothing also. Add me to the list of Cheetos-munchers...not often, but every now and then. Silly me, I'm not embarrassed to have them in my shopping cart.


"Random" prize? My favorite kind! After seeing your post of those earings a few days ago, I need to make a trip down to Ann Arbor and see them in person. Thanks for brightening my day!



Did my comment posts? I dont see it, so I'll do it again! I'm a cheeto-monger too. Planing a trip to your store soon!

Gee, are you giving away Cheetos? LOL


Sometimes you just can't be a good ol' bag of cheetos. Happy Friday!


Love your website - please enter me in your random drawing. Look forward to seeing more of your number pillows!


oh how i love your shop... i can't wait til my next visit back to ann arbor so i can stop by :)
have a wonderful weekend... and please do count me in for the drawing!! :)


I hear you about the Cheetos. Let me just tell you that if you happen to drink too much wine and have eaten cheetos and there is throwing up involved, that orange never comes out of your carpet!


hi,i would love to be in your giveaway...btw, cheetoes are great and don't feel guilty about eating them.i've been making empanadas...think i saw the recipe here...yum!deana

The Vintage Sister

I love your number pillows!
I have a thing for making mistakes that two minutes before I told myself...you know, you really shouldn't do that. But I do anyway and I make the mistake and then I say...I can't believe I did that! I always enjoy your blog. Thanks so much:)

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